Consider how Bitcoin evolved...2009 - 2013

What makes a coin successful?

Bitcoin is to Blockchain what email is to the is simply an application.  What has made it successful and now worth almost $40,000.00 per coin is that it did two things (1) it changed the status quo of the financial industry by allowing a "store of value" to be traded outside of banks and government control, and (2) by allowing miners to "earn it" in the early days as incentives to process BTC transactions, it became widely "used" through people accumulating it and then trading it for other items of value, i.e. pizza's, online items, cars, real estate, etc..  Noiacoin through the same manner, is awarded as incentives to addicts, sponsors, victims of addicts, etc..  It will also be accumulated and then traded for similar items as it takes on its own value, by distributing the same benefit as Bitcoin.  NOIACOIN is awarded through the use of it's groundbreaking "trusted friend," fully intelligent conversational addiction app, WingMan.  To get WingMan now click here:  WingMan for Addiction